A downloadable game

Mouse will be a pixel action RPG set in a fluorescent cyberpunk world. The player controls the titular character as they attempt to stealthily infiltrate and perform acts of espionage and sabotage against Ruby City's ruling corporations.

The world in 2086AD has devolved into a psuedo feudal system, where corporations represent the new feudal fiefdoms and CEOs are the new lords and kings. Cities become the playthings of the corps, with the top tier corps banding into the cartels to run them. The action in Mouse takes place in Ruby City, as run by the Ruby cartel. The Ruby Cartel consists of the five major corps of Ruby City, Arisana Corp, Shein Biodatalytics Corp, International Data Systems Corp, Takashina Biosystems Corp, Helveti Corp and all their subsidiaries.

Much of the work force has been automated and robotised, and workers, called ‘contractors’ are the new peasants, handling the work that can’t (or won’t) be automated. The workforce is packaged and sold or rented like chattel between corporations.

Under the employment of the Arisana Corp, Mouse’s role is that as a professional thief within the system. While she’s still just a contractor, her role allows her greater privileges than most, to allow her steal corporate secrets and commits corporate espionage on behalf of the Arisana Corp management.